2014 Music Camp #15: 7/29

MUCH better than yesterday.
Period is almost over. Light at the end of the tunnel.
I had my chamber concert – we sounded small, but oh well. MF page turned.
Lunch – lesson (last one).
MF almost convinced me to practice, but I’m just…done.
I caught AC and we talked until the masterclass – got a picture with the [super famous] teacher!
Dinner, Steinways for 20 minutes, then shower.
Caught MF for ping pong, the concert (Trout)…we were all in a good mood, taking pictures and such. Walked back – ping pong – but I just hung out with AC and talked. She’s getting sick of MF.
I really like AC – it’s a bit annoying how social she is, which is what made me initially slightly dislike her. I thought it was fakeness until I just got that that was just her.
Camping is winding down, as evidenced by the empty practice rooms.

Moment: Talking to AC – really talking – our legs on each other’s chairs, pigging out on cheese puffs in my dorm.


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