2014 Music Camp #16: 7/30

We agreed to sleep in and skip breakfast, but I went anyway.
NO ONE was practicing – MF came around 9 and busted in – as usual. We tried for the smoothie place, but they were closed. I made a snap chat.
We went to a lot of concerts – AC’s, RH’s.
Lunch, then we all split – I went to chamber.
I hung out a lot. I did nothing productive. We got smoothies around 2 and just lay on the couches laughing and taking selfies and abusing our newly made snap chats.
I sat in on RH’s lesson, and then dinner – mediocre.
Hung out in the dorm until AC guilted me into going to the concert. The 4 hour long concert.
Hung out at the pizza party. Hung out in the dorm.

Singing Tangled songs with RH while drinking smoothies outside the science building. We knew the words together – and we didn’t know the words together.
The moment when MF texted me “don’t u have a chamber coaching?” RIGHT BEFORE RH’s performance, and I rannnn.
When the student C major Schubert Quintet played a super out of tune D and RH, MF, and I just lost it completely.
When my teacher went “Is that [girl]?” and the poor college guy answered “No.” in his very deep, very un-feminine voice.
Eating cheese puffs with the roomies at 3 am – listening to jazz and MB stalked people very creepily on Facebook.


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