2014 Music Camp #6: 7/20

Violin masterclass – you never realize the good until you see the bad. This guy did not know how to give a masterclass – his back was to us the entire time.
1st lesson with my actual teacher! GOSH IT WAS AMAZING. I came out, like, wow. I love music. I want to spend the rest of my life doing this. Can’t hurt that I played Bach. Turns out that my WTC, according to MF, the expert on everything, is considered, like, THE fugue. Like, hard, twisted, complicated – and it is. But agh I love it. And I need that confidence boost.
Beethoven cello concert – I sat in the first row to see the piano hands. Why did I ever sit anywhere else, again?!?
Finally, after the concert, MF and I were in such a great mood. We were running and laughing and I was being really weird on hypothetical rants. I hung out in his practice room, scribbling lesson notes. It was just an hour of focused camaraderie, ya know?
I love watching people practice – such a helpful thing. From MF, I learned breathing with the phrasing, technique within the piece, continuous/flowing practice (he literally didn’t stop for 40 minutes), and repetition of tiny, measure long sections.


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