2014 Music Camp #8: 7/22

Breakfast with the roomies because MF slept in.
Practice – DB gave me a Rach etude to start – super excited. I needed a hard piece to feel a bit better about myself in comparison to everyone here.
Lunch was fun.
MF helped me work out fingerings.
Unfortunately, I think it was yesterday that I noticed his gorgeous green eyes, long eyelashes, cute hair, great personality, amazing talent, and natural intelligence. Oh, and he doesn’t look too bad in concert attire.
Well, shoot.
Anyway – masterclass was amazing, as expected. He played. He was so nervous, but he caught my eye for reassurance and I think I gave it. And then he sat next to me.
Dinner was fun as well – we laughed so hard, but I don’t remember about what, even.
Concert – I talked to RH. I’m getting to know her – I like her. We never ran out of topics, and we honestly relate so well. Oh, and great, crazy, contemporary music.


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