2014 Music Camp #9: 7/23

Bfast, practiced, chamber rehearsal.
It’s odd – my chamber group is friendly, but somehow none of us are friends.
Lunch was surprisingly good.
Practice – eye contact and head tip with MF through the practice room window. How you doin’?
Violin lecture then lesson. I didn’t play too well, and I feel like he kind of wrote me off. He ended the lesson right on time, which is a bad sign…
Dinner – laughed a lot. They waited for me. D’aww.
We sort of sat on the stairs after and just hung out – no deep conversations, but we sat and took unflattering pictures.
The recital – all my roommates played.

I’m building up great banter with MF and AC. I’m going to miss them, I think.
They did talk about hating NS.
But they said I seemed nice when we met – I give off good vibes, apparently.


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