2014 Music Camp – MB

She was so odd.
In some ways, she reminds me of…me. Insecure, with an overbearing [and embarrassing], extroverted asian mother with little knowledge of American social customs. The first day, her mom wanted to take a picture of her, and she went “Omigod hide me,” and pulled us in to literally hide her. We all kind of gave each other looks.
She had a hunched over, insecure stance. She always looked timid. When we would say something, she never looked us in the eye. She refused to go out without makeup, and she took an hour to get ready every morning.
She had a crush on MF, which manifested in her following him [and therefore me] around. I remember the day she decided to eat breakfast with me [and therefore him], and I’d thought she was suddenly more motivated to practice. HAH.


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