Band camp.

We both saw each other when I arrived late. We didn’t say anything, but he came over, awkwardly, as he does, and dropped his fork into the utensil pile. Looking directly at me, he said, “I didn’t use it.” After I nodded a bit confusedly (…why are you telling me this?), he stated (yes, stated. That’s how he does it.) “Hello, ____,” to which I said “Hello, WB.”

We didn’t sit next to each other in the morning, as usual, he slightly ignored me. Or lunch. Or dinner. Although, when I sat next to CP and ND up on the high bars, he came up, as well. But not next to me. Like one person over.
Actually, he does that. He’ll sit one person over, and join my conversation.

Our first actual interaction, he came up to me with this book he’d told me about. He opened it to a chapter and let me read it. JL joined in just ‘cuz.

And then stargazing.

Okay, stargazing. When I was lying next to MG, JS, and KM, the topic of WB came up. We’d walked to the restroom together, and when we came back we got 3 people hungry for gossip, to which I ignored. In front of WB. I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking when they asked.

So a bit later, when they had me alone, they pounced. “Okay, what REALLY happened back there?” MG pressed, spurred on further by JS and KM. After a bit of convincing, they finally accepted that nothing had happened. But they weren’t done yet, apparently.

So many questions. Did I like him? Would I date him? And then MG said it: “He really likes you, you know that?” To which I sat straight up and looked him in the face and sputtered, “What?!?!” And KM and JS nodded and while I denied, they affirmed. And MG said something like, “I hung out with WB last month and trust me, I know.” What does that even mean? And they mentioned prom. But we went to prom as friends…

Goodness, I don’t know. When they asked me, would I date him? Inside I was saying yes and no simultaneously, but of course I told them I didn’t know and then I took the 5th.



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