We, like, didn’t even acknowledge each other for a while. And then I was in one of my screw-it moods again last week, and I texted him some super blunt and vulnerable message about how I missed talking to him. He responded well…in a nice way.

So we hung out on Saturday…kind of. We went to his youth group meeting. Honestly, I really liked the atmosphere, but I’m not the best at small talk. It was fine. He slightly ditched me to say hi to everyone there – I’ve never seen him hug so many people. Usually, he keeps this respectful distance.

There was just this camaraderie that was so great, but that I wasn’t a part of, you know?

It made me realize how small a part of his life I was.

And I went home thinking about how unfortunately a large part of my life he was. At least the thought of him.

Ah…he’s an untouchable figure now. I realized a few days ago – he used to find some reason to talk to, or text me, or something, at least once a day. It was the high point of my day to pick up my phone to see the daily expectedly unexpected text from WB. Now…not so much.


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