Figured I hadn’t done one in a while.

Sugar glazed cashews from the bulk bins.

Muge mutant avocados.

Brahms Violin Sonata in G Major – total relaxation.

Desperate, cramped loneliness from the lack of siblings.

SS and AD and college essays in English.

Ironically friendzoned by KD and WB and feeling even more lonely, and therefore pathetic, because of the fact that I feel lonely because I’ve been friendzoned.

Brahms Piano Trio No. 1, Movement 2.

Silent phone.

Bluegrass and Chris Thile.

Fauré Piano Quintet No. 1 Op. 89.

Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and totally jamming out while brushing my teeth.

Not practicing, not doing college essays, not hanging out with friends, not watching TV in Spanish, not eating real meals, not going on runs, and not doing homework because I’m too busy trying to do those very things, and therefore sitting in my bed watching Drake & Josh or reading interesting articles and eating total junk.


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