WB Walk Reality

I’d been texting SS, deciding whether I should take her up on her offer to hang out that night (being the anti-social person I am, I was really leaning towards not – I have to practice!). I remember feeling guilty while thinking that, had it been WB asking to hang out, I would have done it in a heartbeat.

About 10 minutes after I got home, the doorbell rang. Suspiciously. I both hoped it was WB and knew it was WB at the same time, yet when I peeked out the curtain and saw him, I was still shocked. Couldn’t stop smiling. Ridiculous.

“I have two hours to spare, so do you want to go for a walk?”


“Hey, sure, I guess.”

We walked and talked and just caught up and I spouted my feelings and everything that’s been cramped up and building inside of me. And he said I’m genuinely nice (which is legitimately one of my goals) and so many things. And I told him how I wished we talked more. It was interesting – he said he didn’t really have conversations at school. Which, I guess, is true.

I think the reason I like WB so much is that he inspires me to be a better person. So much so. I told him he could come anytime, because I liked it when he came. I like being around people that make me feel like I’m becoming a better person just by being around them.

He ate dinner here (at my mom’s insistence and somewhat overbearing hospitality).

He got in his car, closed the door, and started to put on his seatbelt, when he suddenly got out and said “Hey, remember when you said you liked genuine hugs?”

To which I basically yelled, “I love genuine hugs.”

And then he said, “Well, I really want to give you one right now,” with the biggest smile. And then he gave me a genuine hug and man I love genuine hugs and man I miss WB.

So, if you read my last post, I guess it’s actually a dream come true.


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