KD Surprise 2.0

So I woke up today with a sore throat, a runny nose, dry eyes, and an achey body. Wonderfulll.

That meant I had to ditch my morning swim plans for a walk. So I took a long barefoot walk, in which I listened to Mahler’s 2nd (Resurrection) in its entirety and all but the last movement of Shostakovich’s 7th (Leningrad). So that was great, actually.

Came home, practiced a bit but it was miserable. I settled in with the AP Lit reading around noon, but ended up sleeping for 3 hours. Solid.

In the entire day, my productiveness was limited to finishing homework for one class and memorizing about 3 lines of my contemporary piece. Wow.

But here’s what made my day. First of all, KD texted me the typical evening ‘hey, what’s up’. Which I’d been starting to miss, because it’d been a week since he last did, and I was beginning to think he got tired of me. Anyway, I told him I was sick and miserable (yay optimism).

So a bit later, I’m practicing piano and the doorbell rings like crazy. Like the way I knew it was WB yesterday, I knew it was KD. I just knew. Opened the door, and he’s standing there with a box of Cheezits and man, that seriously made my day. I gave him a hug even though I totally wasn’t wearing a bra and my hair was all wet and I looked like hell. It was wonderful. For real.

He’s a worthwhile guy.


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