WB Dream

I think I’ve had a few recently, but this was the first in a while.

My mom and I are in a store, poking around, and we get in a fight and I lose control and yell. Like when I got out of the car yesterday. And a store person sees us, and I call them over and ask for their opinion…

We’re inside the band room, but it’s a gym – like for school dances. I’m with SS and MB on a couch, I think, but they’ve paid for the show and I haven’t, so I get up to leave.

On the way out I see the start of some freaky clown show, with loud music. Near the entrance, I spot WB, but he’s with a girl, some blond, weak-looking chick, his arms wrapped around her from the back like he used to with MG, and they’re swaying to the music. We make eye contact, but don’t acknowledge each other. I walk past, then turn around to make some comment about he has a girlfriend now, huh? and call his name, but he doesn’t turn around. I walk out into the sun.


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