There’s a new bathroom at school. It’s co-ed, it’s wide open (no door), and there’s one stall in dead open. I try to sit on it, not thinking, and then I see some guy coming and I realize how awkward it it. I try to go to a stall, but their all disgusting. When I finally sit in a decent one, my black-pj pants drag and touch the floor, and it’s totally disgusting.

I talk to SG or RH. It’s something about keeping it open. SG says “Studies show that the more crazy and embarrassing the childhood, the…” I forget. The better? The more confident? She continues, “I was raised in a Latino family, so this is all normal.”

Science class. Ms. C from 7th grade life science. Like her old classroom in darkness, but physics classroom layout. She stands there and yells at us. It’s part of the new curriculum.

THey ask us for our opinions on the new school order. The first kid says some wishy-washy thing about how it’s great. Like people do with Common Core. I start complaining, and I’m typing it out as I think – I don’t like the yelling, I don’t think we can learn.

My brothers are somewhere in this dream.


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