So I had another satisfying long chat with WB yesterday.

We pretty much talked about everything, but what stands out to me is that I finally asked if he had liked me. He gave a pretty confusing answer, but from what I gathered, he had. Or maybe he hadn’t. Anyway, I don’t know if he still does, but he did mention that he’s too busy to want a relationship right now.

And he does know now that I’m open to a relationship (not specifically with him, just in general – I don’t have the kind of guts to do a confession or anything).

But he also talked about having true friends and whatnot, and that I was one of them. Which was wonderful to hear.

I think a lot of my fantasizing about having a boyfriend is just that: long chats whenever I felt like it (which I sort of have already), but just that it would be guaranteed. I would never have to wonder if the other person was annoyed or whatever.

Because honestly, yes I kind of wanted a boyfriend right now, but no matter what I think I want right now, I don’t think WB is the guy. Not that I don’t want him as a boyfriend (because, trust me, I’m pretty sure I did. Fine, do, present tense), but because I don’t want him as an ex-boyfriend. I want him to always be there for our long chats. A serious relationship will never last as long as a friendship.


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