“Happy Thanksgiving to you as well madam. I’m thankful for your endless stream of optimism that can always brighten my day :)” “Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for being an awesome friend! ouo b” “Haha psht whatevs ;P haha jk same” “Awww, happy thanksgiving to you too! I’m thankful for you also! Don’t know how fat I’d be without our runs :)” “:DDD Im thankful for YOU ____” “Aww, you’re so sweet ____ :)” “Happy thanksgiving ____!” “I am too I love you so much ____ you’re an amazing person. I miss you!” “AWW I LOVE U HAPPY THANKSGIVING” “____ THANKSGIVING TO YOU TOO 🙂 hope you have a great day!” “Happy thanksgiving ____!! Love u tons” “Thanks ___ ! I’m thankful for you too :))” “Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you too ____” “Aww ____, I’m thankful for you too!” ____!!.:’) oh gosh I love you sooo much im so thankful we are friends!” “Thanks you too” “Happy thanksgiving too sweetheart! Have an amazing day!” “Aww happy thanks giving same to you!!” “I was just about to send you a text, you beat me to it! Happy Thanksgiving _____, I’m thankful to have you in m life! :)” “Haha you too. I’m thankful for you and your gorgeous playing”

Published by unknownandanonymous

A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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