AD’s ex. He broke up with girlfriend-after-AD a while ago. Invited me over to sculture for lunch. Sitting there making our pots in amicable silence. He pours out his feelings. He vents. He centers the pot. I sense that he’s invited me over simply to do this. Feeble life advice interspersed with not-feeble wheel advice.Continue reading “ECC”


Daylight savings miracles, gorgeous sunsets of pollution, huge full moons. Not so much stars. Sharing guavas (two way). Sharing chestnuts (one way). Stale croissants and excavated cashew cream (surprisingly good) by the spoonful. Coconut chips gone in a week. Bulk. Ridiculously unproductive. Blowing off homework yes? Sight reading Brahms Folk songs for SATB. Meadow….that IContinue reading “Snapshot”