An Honest Inventory of My Friendships

Sooo I talked to KS for the first time in…4 years? Ever? Not sure. It was such a feel good moment, but not in the same new-friend-rush as with WB. It was the old friend; re-bonding, with an emphasis on the ‘re’. She’s got a darker life than I thought – financial and emotional problems,Continue reading “An Honest Inventory of My Friendships”


“The last is a 1975 recital that he gave at the very end of his professional life. Critics have uniformly savaged it – Sachs calls it “banging, disjointed and sloppy” – all true, and yet although Rubinstein was 88, nearly blind, in precarious health, and with diminished energy (he skips the last movement repeat), heContinue reading “This:”


Pentatonix Christmas songs. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Aspiring to my sodding take on Carol of the Bells. Too much Buzzfeed. Comforting AD about Pakistan. Burnt cookies from EMC. No friends. Where to go at lunch? Empty. Off-campus. Actually talking to ED. Getting ignored by WB and being absolutely sick of it. Shooting stars withContinue reading “Snapshot”


EMC. So much angst. So much anger and thoughts and dreams wasted over her. Need some reminders? My unofficial best friend, freshman year. I trusted her, put so much into that friendship, made myself so vulnerable, all for the first time, because of course I had (have) trust issues. And then she wasn’t. It just…ended.Continue reading “EMC”


A capella holiday tunes and the ensuing Pandora revival. Oh hey, bluegrassChrisThileNickelCreekWailingJennys. Andrew Bird? Spotless Monster’s Inc. themes. Loneliness and procrastination. Prescreenings first is yay. Engineering/CognitiveScience/Math & Music  – wut. Wait But Why. Perspective – bloops. Being int the same exact spot in the universe

On Being Self-Absorbed

I am so self-absorbed. All my posts are about me. And it’s not that I only think about myself, obviously, but the things I decide to post about – what I deem important enough to remember to write about – it’s all about me. I wish it weren’t so, but at the same time, there’sContinue reading “On Being Self-Absorbed”