I have the flu, and last night apparently I had a fever.

I’m outside, at a piano, and my piano teacher is standing off to the side with a bunch of people/peers behind me. It’s scorchingly hot and dry, and the glare of the sun and sweat is blocking my vision. Brown and yellow, and dust. I can barely see my hands, and the entire world is throbbing. I’m playing my college repertoire, butI keep making memory slips – I can’t even remember how it goes. My piano teacher tells me that it’s too many; I’m not going to get in like that. She’s disappointed in me.

The whole group walks up along the road in a huge line. I’m dying of thirst – I need water. I see several water fountains along the left, so I make a break for one. It’s one person, running towards a fountain, the huge line of people, and the leader yells at me. I get water anyway, and I drink it and drink it, but I’m still thirsty.


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