Sans WB

Ok, ok, it’s ironic that I’m writing a post about WB when I’ve supposedly moved on, but this is just a recap of the week. Because my week was amazing. What I essentially did was drop all expectations of friendliness or contact from WB. Which worked beautifully (which shows that I really didn’t lose anything).Continue reading “Sans WB”

Bye WB

After being ignored in public for months, and, actually, from the very beginning, he now no longer texts me or says hi or even acknowledges my existence when *I* greet him, which he did do before. I’m done. And although I really valued his friendship, I do have other friends. I’m also consciously moving on,Continue reading “Bye WB”

Bye, Dad

My dad’s leaving today – I didn’t think I would care, really. For as long as I can remember, I was absolutely stoked about this. And I still am, really. I’m so happy that he’s finally going to be happy. That, I cannot express enough. But it feels so odd. It’s not like the lastContinue reading “Bye, Dad”


And, as it turns out, this one is actually a pretty good one. Or, at least, it’s pretty darn highly ranked. AND I’m apparently the top 8% of applicants, which is pretty cool beans with me. And even though I don’t quite want to go there, it’s still awesome to know that I got in,Continue reading “GOT INTO ANOTHER COLLEGE”

On my parents

Sometimes, I think that my parents have diffused the tension. But sometimes, they let things slip. “She’s here,” one of them will say whenĀ things get on edge. In their native language, as if that hides anything, as if they hadn’t taught me to be fluent from young. It’s quite funny, honestly. Makes me wonder –Continue reading “On my parents”

Wills and shit

So, don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my Dad’s been planning on leaving and fulfilling his dream of traveling the world and visiting his family, whom he has seen for years. This, I am all for. I am stoked for him. I can’t wait. But before he leaves, we’ve been dealing with the awkwardContinue reading “Wills and shit”