Well, it’s 1:35am and I’m back from my senior winter formal.

I wasn’t actually going to post anything, but I figured this is one of those things that one really should count as a post-worthy memory.

I went with WB, which was chill and fine, since there was none of the sexual tension that there was last year at prom. We’re so solidly friendzoned now.

At the dance, for the most part, it was just a good friend vibe. We danced by each other, but not together, and we would let each other know if we were going anywhere. Looked out for each other, made eye contact when something funny would happen in a mutual head-shaking chuckle. As opposed to last year, when we purposely avoided eye contact the entire night. Plopped next to each other on the bus, danced when the other wanted to, sat when we were tired.

But sometimes, WB would have this zoned-out look on his face. And… I don’t know, really. He just didn’t always look like he was having fun. Really nice people are difficult, really, because how do you know what they really think?

KD and YM spotted me and waved wildly and motioned me over and I just kind of stared in shock because when the heck did they decided to start talking to me again?

I spent the night dancing wildly with CM and PD and running around and dropping it and breaking out into awkward robots. Altogether a blast, but not a particularly memorable one.

Ended the night by nodding off on WB’s shoulder and giving him a solid hug, and getting the first genuine smile all night.


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