Bye WB

After being ignored in public for months, and, actually, from the very beginning, he now no longer texts me or says hi or even acknowledges my existence when *I* greet him, which he did do before.

I’m done. And although I really valued his friendship, I do have other friends.

I’m also consciously moving on, crush-wise. Deleted all his texts from since ever, even the really funny/sweet/memorable ones (how pre-teen angst does this sound, btw? Ha, whoops). Even the one that he texted me that he’d been thinking of me…ok, moving on actually, now. And I’m just fine.

Because I need to live in the moment – I’m letting go of that nonexistent idea of that perfect WB. Because, you know, we really don’t have the same sense of humor, or the same taste in music, or the same display of affection, or even the same method of communication. Wrap that up with the pseudo-romantic beginning, and ya kind of see how this friendship was destined for ruin from the beginning.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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