Sans WB

Ok, ok, it’s ironic that I’m writing a post about WB when I’ve supposedly moved on, but this is just a recap of the week.

Because my week was amazing.

What I essentially did was drop all expectations of friendliness or contact from WB. Which worked beautifully (which shows that I really didn’t lose anything).

In fact, when he made some comment to me one day, I am proud to say that I was slightly annoyed at him. Me. No longer lighting up with happiness and hope when he talks to me. He’s just another guy, not even a friend anymore, and I don’t care what happens; it’s staying that way.

EL did mention a great thing that WB did or something like that, I felt this little pang, but I pushed it away because that’s the exact reason I stuck around for so long: even when he was being cold towards me, he was always this courteous, humble guy that everyone raved about. And those little things that he did were always just enough that I still wanted to be his friend…but no more.

I am so much better without WB.


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