No, actually, go away, WB.

So I deliberately skipped a social event that WB went to. Spent the night proud of myself for my resolve, ashamed of myself for feeling like a loser, alone on a Friday night, and finally, disappointed in myself for my pettiness.

My mom talked to him – he apparently made polite conversational inquiries about me, and my mom told him what was going on in my life. Which somewhat annoyed me. I’m moving on from him; denying him access to me (not that he wants that anyway). And now he knows everything I’ve consciously not let him know – all my ‘moving on’ activities; my new WB-free life. It’s like it’s contaminated, or something. I don’t know. I’m ridiculous.

Anyway, he talked to me at school, and I couldn’t help it; I responded. I figure, treat him like an acquaintance; be nice. But don’t initiate contact. Yeah?


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