Band Concert and WB Relapse

I’d been doing so dang well. And then: The band concert. My goodness. It was basically ‘WB with band,’ because he had solos in basically every piece, as well as a piece that was entirely a solo for him with occasional backing from the jazz group. And you know what was frustrating? He sounded amazing.Continue reading “Band Concert and WB Relapse”

Perfect Guy

So, a while ago, I met perfect guy at an admitted students day. I saw him first at an event, where we were debating world issues. I’ve decided that I need to find all my future friends at events like these. Anyway, we didn’t talk that night, but I noticed him. He had an intelligent,Continue reading “Perfect Guy”

Snapshots from Prom 2015

Dancing by/with my date YM in a platonic but insanely fun way. WB charging the mosh pit at the beat drop, his eyes sparkling in an almost drunk way. Sleeping on the ride back curled up against my date, his hand stroking my back and neck. “Where’s the wine?! She wants the wine! FIND THEContinue reading “Snapshots from Prom 2015”