Introducing: Crush AYl

Oh no. Oh lordy. Let’s put it right out there: I am attracted to a post-doc at the lab. This is obviously a problem, because he’s 28 years old (I remember purposely guiding the conversation towards his age when I first met him). And I’m 18. On the way home, I kept thinking about howContinue reading “Introducing: Crush AYl”

Profile: Crush AYl

Light eyes. Casual, clean cut. Tall, on the thin side, but muscled. Looks like a swimmer. Referenced football in high school. Surfs. Has a huge telescope when I mentioned stargazing. Ridiculously bushy beard juts out on the clean look of the rest of his appearance. Reserved. Aloof from afar. Upright in posture. Calm and cool.Continue reading “Profile: Crush AYl”

The Evolution of My Crushes

It hit me as I was driving home: I think I have a type. Let’s think of all the guys I have been attracted to, and let’s think why. Crush V: Ah, Crush V. This takes me back to those times when I first started this blog – those posts that I look back andContinue reading “The Evolution of My Crushes”

Resonated with me – on being unredeemably ugly.

There could be something freeing about being truly ugly. Not just bad skin and an overbite ugly, but really deformed. If you are the former, you will spend huge amounts of time-energy-money trying to fix your skin, find the best haircut or neckline to downplay your overbite, etc. But if you are the latter, ifContinue reading “Resonated with me – on being unredeemably ugly.”