Friend WB. Again. HAHAHAHAHA.

This was so long ago, but I’ve been swamped with summer.

I wrote in his yearbook. I wasn’t even planning on having him write in my yearbook, but my mom requested it, and I kinda wanted it, I guess.

His entry was whatever, but I, on the other hand, am blunt. I wrote about how we weren’t friends anymore. Yeah, yearbooks are for the good memories, but look at it from my point of view: we’d been super close. Then we suddenly stopped being super close, with no explanation, no nothing. We were both graduating, and he lives far enough that I would never see him again if neither of us made the effort. I had to have closure, you know?

Anyway, that blunt yearbook signing by me prompted him to approach me, and then we went off and talked for a solid four hours, and then we officially decided that we were friends again. We talked and talked and caught up and confronted our problem.

And I guess we’re friends again. And I guess it feels pretty good.


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