Profile: Crush AYl

Light eyes. Casual, clean cut. Tall, on the thin side, but muscled. Looks like a swimmer. Referenced football in high school. Surfs. Has a huge telescope when I mentioned stargazing. Ridiculously bushy beard juts out on the clean look of the rest of his appearance. Reserved. Aloof from afar. Upright in posture. Calm and cool. INTJ. Loafers. Rare to smile or laugh, but it’s magic when you make it happen. Exacting and perfectionist with his work. Unknown – half the things I know about him are from random casual comments and not because he told me directly. An easy rapport. Comfortable with not filling the silence. Research for the cutting edge thrill over money and safe boredom. Extremely willing to help me. “You know, I skipped over this part, but it’s actually the most interesting,” when the med student left and we’d sat in ‘what next’ silence for a minute. “I want to show you something,” and going out of his way to do it. Passionate about science. Keenly intelligent. A liveliness when he talks about his passion. Turned down Ivy League just for the weather. A sense that his mind is above mundane things. A sense that he liked my company. A sense that he trusted me.


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