The Evolution of My Crushes

It hit me as I was driving home: I think I have a type.

Let’s think of all the guys I have been attracted to, and let’s think why.

Crush V: Ah, Crush V. This takes me back to those times when I first started this blog – those posts that I look back and cringe on because it’s not quite far enough in the past to laugh at. But I stand by this crush.¬†Intelligent, kind, and good at debate. Somewhat athletic. Ivy-leaguer, if that says anything.

*Massive black hole that I don’t remember*

ML: Genuinely kind. At least he was when I met him.

YM?: Kind. Not sure if genuinely kind, but he’s good at faking it.

WB, obviously. Keenly intelligent, genuinely kind, and talented with music (and everything, really, but it was music that got me first). And he seemed…deep. Complex. Like there was a ton I didn’t know; that no one knew.

And now, Crush AYl: From the lab. Keenly intelligent, I think (?) genuinely kind, and passionate about his work. Profile here.


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