…date with AYl?

I think I just hung out with AYl on what felt kind of maybe like a date?

I got to his place, and he was crazy nice about everything I was interested in. And then he showed me this one contraption that I’d shown interest in the first time we talked.

We swam around, and he was all protective, saying things like “I was so worried about you”, and discouraging me from doing ‘reckless’ things because he “wanted me to come out again.” And he was always checking and swimming near me to make sure I was ok. And he asked me to rub in sunscreen on his back. And he kept talking about how well I was doing.

And then we went back to his place to get pizza, and he refused to let me pay, saying that if I wanted, I could always “pay the next time.” He kept talking about the next time. We watched TV and got kind of close on the couch, but every time I sensed us getting closer, I kind of undid it – I kept thinking about what the heck I wanted – I mean, we work in the same lab. He’s so much older. What is even acceptable?

I think half of me is in extreme shock that someone I liked actually liked me back enough to actually pursue me.

I did notice that he has a slightly mean sense of humor – I can’t tell always if it’s ironic. He’s a gentleman to me. He also has completely incompatible food and music tastes, and his interests are way different. I asked a lot about him, and I didn’t share that much about myself.

He texted me to make sure I got home ok. He was just so respectful and kind.


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