Fling? Boyfriend? I don’t know. But I’m definitely enjoying myself.

What I love is that he doesn’t play games – we’re into each other, and there’s no playing it aloof or trying to be the one who cares less. We’re just hanging out as much as possible before I leave, I suppose. It’s a wonderful feeling.

And, side note, he’s really great at making out because he communicates SO WELL. We were making out on his bed, and I stopped us to ask what he liked – I felt like everything we were doing was for me. His answer? The hottest thing was when I was turned on – he was happy when I was happy. Which is honestly so sweet and adorable.

Another side note, we’ve found my weakness.

I guess my question now is how this is going to last after the summer. He casually mentioned how he was ‘already looking forward’ to me ‘coming back for winter break’. What does that mean? How serious is the relationship he’s looking for?

I don’t know what I want – I really like him, really. But everyone’s breaking up for college. And there are so many things not going for us – one, the age difference. I can’t introduce him to my family or friends; no one knows. We can’t hang out with anyone, because that’s either me hanging out with people in their late 20s, or him hanging out with 18-year-olds.

Current plan: ignore it. Maybe this thing will run its course, or the path will become clear of its own accord. I’m just going to enjoy the moment.


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