An Update on the Relationships I’ve Forgotten About

I guess when people fade out of your life, sometimes it’s seamless.

YM. We hung out solo a few times, and saw each other in group settings, and then both of our attendances to the group settings got spotty, and we kind of didn’t talk to each other in the group, anyway. I haven’t seen or heard from him in a month. This really should tear me up, but I’ve kind of accepted that YM is a man-flirt and the special connection I thought I had with him was something that he simulates with absolutely everyone. That time we spontaneously stayed up talking until 3am? He’s done that with at least three other people.

EMC. Senior year, she was at the point at which she didn’t really want to be friends with me, but we had too many mutual friends and classes together to hate each other. Our relationship was more “Hey! Can you take a picture of [group of friends that I’m also clearly friends with] us? Thanks.” Which, honestly, would have been ok, I guess, except that we just have too much history for that to be ok. Since summer started, I haven’t seen her at all. I intensely dislike attending church functions because I know she’ll be there. It’s much better this way.

KD. There’s not even anything to say here. We stopped being friends the moment he got a girlfriend back in December, and I feel completely used because apparently all I was was a potential girlfriend to him. That’s time invested in a person, all gone to shit.


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