An Update on the Relationships that Currently Matter to Me

WB. He was gone for three weeks, but we’re hanging out soon. With AYl in my life, I have no inhibitions about texting WB – like the way I text JH.

JH. Such a nerd, but such a great guy. High school’s over, and I’m learning to say screw it with regards to social status and watching who I’m friends with. We run together, we go out to eat, and we talk and talk because he’s my brother from another mother, and I love him to death.

ED. Oddly boy-crazy asian girl. So cute looking, yet so horny. She has this oddly superficial, self-centered view of life, but I can’t help but enjoy being around her. Despite our wildly disparate life philosophies, we don’t act all that differently, from afar. We read together, and I trust her with my AYl stories, and altogether, we’ve grown much closer within the past month.

RH. Since I’m working near her house, we’ve been hanging out, which is great, because I absolutely love spending time with her. She’s kind of the girl version of JH – we have a ton in common, and it’s all so natural when I’m with her.

KS. We saw each other for the first time a few days ago. Neither of us make time for the other. I like being with her, but I feel like we’re not quite friends. It’s an odd relationship, because we trust each other and share intimate details about our life easily (based on our relationship from young), but we have so little in common now – few mutual friends, different interests/life goals – that our relationship can’t go anywhere. It’s stagnant.

AD. Her priority is clearly her boyfriend, even though I love her to death.


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