I mean, I don’t think I’m atheist at this point (I’m still procrastinating on that religion post – I think I’m too confused to write), but after reading (yes, it’s a Buzzfeed article; lay off), I found many of my thoughts basically written there, just more eloquently.

This one in particular:

“It’s true that in a century or two my existence will be forgotten, but I find it comforting to know that everything we stress over will be lost in the merest blip of cosmological time. The universe doesn’t care about my mortgage; our obscurity and irrelevance can be a blessing as well as a burden.”

Is something I couldn’t articulate well when I was trying to communicate it to my friend a while ago. Was it AD? Or my mother? I think it was my mother. She was sobbing from some fight with my dad, and we were outside our garage, and I just pointed to the stars.


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