JS and Being Confrontational

I sat there doing homework, the message sitting in my inbox. I let myself forget about it. I kept him waiting, like he kept me waiting. I realized how immature that was, and, in one sweep, opened it. Stared. Read it. Started typing. Stopped. Put it away. Opened it again. I debated acting chill.┬áNo problem […]

FF: The Druggie, the Musician

Fascinating guy. Saw him for the first time in my music theory class – sitting in the corner; he was basically the only good-looking one, so I guess I noticed, though I didn’t think much of it more than a fleeting thought. We all walked out of class, casually chatting and learning names. People peeled […]

I’m that girl.

Goodness – never thought this would happen to me. ‘Happen to me.’ That’s so misleading. I totally brought this onto myself. This post is about boys. AYl is there, always there. I think we’re together. I think. But since he refuses to label the relationship, he’s not semantically my ‘boyfriend’, and my brain does not […]