Possible friends? Pre-orientation.

I think I’ll find it interesting in a month or two, or in a year or two, to look back and see what I thought about certain people.

PF = Possible friend.

PF CB: Nice, cute, adorable and petite asian girl. She’ll have an easy time just because she’s pretty, but I actually really enjoy her personality. She’s a pescatarian and she’s majoring in environmental sciences, and unlike many people, she asked for my number. I genuinely like her, but I don’t really like the crew she’s seemingly with.

PF DA: Interesting girl – I liked her, but she seems cliquey and she ditched the lesson, which points to a character I definitely don’t like. She had this natural confidence, though.

PF AM: Jewish, white, privileged guy. He’s really hard-working and driven, and I know he’ll succeed. Very planned, very deliberate. My new running buddy, and he seems to really want to be friends.

PF AT: I ran with her the first day – we don’t really click, I don’t think, but she’s nice enough. I get the feeling that she’d ditch me once she finds her group.

PF G: First kid I met – we both walked in late. He was really quiet, but I was really friendly. Nerdy, nice guy, but I really want to be friends with him, and I think it’s working?

PF A: Tall, introverted, awkwardly lovable guy. Reads a lot. I really like him for some reason.

PF MM: Cambodian girl. She’s sweet, really. I’m ashamed of myself for not wanting to be in her group because they’re all asian, but her company is like vanilla – pleasant, but I don’t feel a spark.

PF TF: Recruited athlete from my high school, who’s being inexplicably friendly to me. Like, insanely awesomely friendly. He’s totally taken, but I’m just baffled.

Let’s see where this goes.


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