This place is amazing, I’ll give it that.

It’s everything I wanted it to be – my peers are intellectual, kind, insightful, accomplished, driven. Everyone’s going somewhere big, doing something great.

I’m just not living up to their expectations.

I’m struggling in all of my classes – I have no time to breathe. I feel like I’m dragging my blank head from one place to another and letting all this information wash over me, none of it sticking. I’ve forgotten how to learn. It’s all over my head.

I had such a horrible day of just going to every single one of my classes and not understanding anything – just overwhelmed.

I am simply not smart enough to be here.


One thought on “Sinking

  1. You shouldn´t underestimate yourself. If you want it enough you can handle anything that comes to your way. If you don´t feel like it, just give it a break and try it another time. It´s never too late.

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