JS and Being Confrontational

I sat there doing homework, the message sitting in my inbox. I let myself forget about it. I kept him waiting, like he kept me waiting. I realized how immature that was, and, in one sweep, opened it. Stared. Read it. Started typing. Stopped. Put it away. Opened it again. I debated acting chill. No problem haha 🙂. Or maybe, You’re an asshole.

I go in between.

I wish I knew that the plans were changed, I wrote. I let him know I was disappointed.That he’d semi-blew it. I gave him a chance to apologize. I typed that and sent it in one sweep and put my phone down and away.

He took a bit to respond. But he did.

He’s sorry. He knows he blew it. He wants to hang out tonight, maybe?

I turn him down for tonight, but maybe some other time, I write. He has to work for it. He blew it. But I’ll let him work for it.

Hey! He writes, a few hours later The lunar eclipse is tonight. I should make sure to check it out. I smile. I lean back in my chair, at my desk, in my dorm, and shake my head, laugh, look at the ceiling. Smiling.

Published by unknownandanonymous

A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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