FF, Re-impression

I guess I was wrong about FF.

Not the facts. The facts were right. But the nuances – I was wrong.

Saw him show up to class today, but he sat in the back and left without us talking. I was kind of disappointed.

Dinner. I stop by the cafeteria on my way to my dorm, fully intending on taking out food and doing homework.

“Hey, [my name], right?”

I turn, see FF. I’m a bit caught off guard, so I semi-pretend to struggle to recognize him before I let recognition flash across my face. “FF!” I smile.

“Are you taking out?” He looks at the container in my hand.

“I…” I look at his plate. “I…yeah. I am.”

“You should eat here.”

“Should I?”

“Yeah. I’m sitting out there.”

Indecision, before my desire to get to know FF wins out.

“Fine, but only because the grass is wet outside.”

We sit, start talking. He talks, for the most part. He’s high. He directs the conversation towards me, but I deflect it right back. He’s the interesting one, here.

How was I wrong? I guess…he does go to class. He appreciates school. He’s very intellectual, and thoughtful, and kind. He remembers and values people. He references black 20th century black intellectuals and novelists.

I hang out at his place for 20 minutes or so before rushing off to class. He was planning on studying, but didn’t, I guess because he was entertaining me. We sit on his bed, comfortable, casual. He plays a few YouTube videos of said black intellectuals before I tear myself away for the sake of my grades.

“I think you should stay,” he says.

I want to stay. But I head out.


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