Oh, by the way, JKm

JKm. Quick recap, he was the friend of this sophomore with really questionable intentions (texting me at 2am, hey, are you free? is so not my thing). I remember vaguely meeting him at the first sports part of the year – I was on the couch, talking to the aforementioned friend, and he introduced me really quickly to JKm. I remember kind of wishing that JKm was the one talking to me.

And then I saw JKm at some other party – don’t quite remember which one, but it was the next weekend, after a week of his friend’s annoying texts. He danced with my friend at a party, but talked to me the rest of the night. We got each other’s numbers, super casually.

Danced with him at the club the next night. Super brief DFMO, but verrrry brief because man, I am spoiled with how good AYl is at making out. I mean, AYl’s got 10 years of experience on any guy here.

Anyway. We talked the rest of the night and meandered our way back to campus – he walked me back to my dorm. “I’ll text you,” he told me.

And he did. Snapchat, text, whatever. I kept seeing him around, saying hi. And then he finally asked me out.

We went out to dinner, which was largely uneventful. He’s easy to be around.

Why do I like him? Superficially, he has the build that I’m apparently attracted to – tall-ish, lightly muscled, but not in an obvious way. He’s a musician, and I’m apparently attracted to talent. Actually, yes, I’m very attracted to talent. And he’s damn good. Better than WB, I think.

He’s kind, and well-liked. I love seeing him interact with others.

He would be an amazing boyfriend, I’m sure.

But somehow I feel like it’s missing the spark. At the same time, I almost don’t care – I want to have a real relationship: one that I can tell people about, that we can publicly announce and go on actual dates and have no ambiguity about whether we’re a thing or a fling or a real, committed relationship.

We’ll see.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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