Semi-related to how I view the use of the Bible

Sponsored by foundations dedicated to defeating Communism, creative-­writing programs during the postwar period taught aspiring authors certain rules of propriety. Good literature, students learned, contains “sensations, not doctrines; ­experiences, not dogmas; memories, not philosophies.” The goal, according to Bennett, was to discourage the abstract theorizing and systematic social critiques to which the radical literature ofContinue reading “Semi-related to how I view the use of the Bible”

Thanksgiving with another family

I’m at AM’s house for Thanksgiving, and it was the best decision I could have possibly made. His family is beautiful. They have such a great relationship; it’s evident in every aspect. Their home is covered in family photos; their decorations are all family crafts. They eat together, hike together, watch TV together. And watchingContinue reading “Thanksgiving with another family”

“…water through cupped palms.”

From, of course, the Modern Love column of the NY Times: I took notes on these conversations, snapped photos of card messages and told my favorite shop stories to co-workers, family and friends, but still so much has gotten away. I have lost the Post-its or can’t quite make out what my fragmented notes referContinue reading ““…water through cupped palms.””

The Three Categories of Friends

Yes, this article is about adult friendships and I don’t really consider myself an adult, but I still found these words relevant to my life: By middle-age, people have likely accumulated many friends from different jobs, different cities, and different activities, who don’t know each other at all. These friendships fall into three categories: active,Continue reading “The Three Categories of Friends”

On having a serious boyfriend

The hand hold is a familiar comfort now, as is his fleece jacket, the forehead kisses. We have kissing jokes; making out alternates between being plain fun and actually sexual. I do believe I have my first hickey. We talk about how lucky we were to find each other. We finally went a bit pastContinue reading “On having a serious boyfriend”

And more semi-closure

I called AYl today. A text from AYl yesterday triggered a 12 – 3am relationship story swap between JJ, DW, and I. And I guess I knew what I had to do. The call started out rough. My stupid mic was broken, and the serious phone call was awkwardly inhibited by a 5 minute technicalContinue reading “And more semi-closure”

JKm, I’m so sorry I take it back

Remember when I was sad/angry that JKm saw me as a burden when I was sick? FALSE. Apparently, he’d spent the afternoon running around and asking his friends for my favorite type of tea (that he dislikes, by the way), and borrowing a kettle. How adorable is that? He asks how he can tweak hisContinue reading “JKm, I’m so sorry I take it back”