Semi-related to how I view the use of the Bible

Sponsored by foundations dedicated to defeating Communism, creative-­writing programs during the postwar period taught aspiring authors certain rules of propriety. Good literature, students learned, contains “sensations, not doctrines; ­experiences, not dogmas; memories, not philosophies.” The goal, according to Bennett, was to discourage the abstract theorizing and systematic social critiques to which the radical literature of […]

Thanksgiving with another family

I’m at AM’s house for Thanksgiving, and it was the best decision I could have possibly made. His family is beautiful. They have such a great relationship; it’s evident in every aspect. Their home is covered in family photos; their decorations are all family crafts. They eat together, hike together, watch TV together. And watching […]

“…water through cupped palms.”

From, of course, the Modern Love column of the NY Times: I took notes on these conversations, snapped photos of card messages and told my favorite shop stories to co-workers, family and friends, but still so much has gotten away. I have lost the Post-its or can’t quite make out what my fragmented notes refer […]

The Three Categories of Friends

Yes, this article is about adult friendships and I don’t really consider myself an adult, but I still found these words relevant to my life: By middle-age, people have likely accumulated many friends from different jobs, different cities, and different activities, who don’t know each other at all. These friendships fall into three categories: active, […]

On having a serious boyfriend

The hand hold is a familiar comfort now, as is his fleece jacket, the forehead kisses. We have kissing jokes; making out alternates between being plain fun and actually sexual. I do believe I have my first hickey. We talk about how lucky we were to find each other. We finally went a bit past […]

And more semi-closure

I called AYl today. A text from AYl yesterday triggered a 12 – 3am relationship story swap between JJ, DW, and I. And I guess I knew what I had to do. The call started out rough. My stupid mic was broken, and the serious phone call was awkwardly inhibited by a 5 minute technical […]

JKm, I’m so sorry I take it back

Remember when I was sad/angry that JKm saw me as a burden when I was sick? FALSE. Apparently, he’d spent the afternoon running around and asking his friends for my favorite type of tea (that he dislikes, by the way), and borrowing a kettle. How adorable is that? He asks how he can tweak his […]