JKm, I’m so sorry I take it back

Remember when I was sad/angry that JKm saw me as a burden when I was sick? FALSE.

Apparently, he’d spent the afternoon running around and asking his friends for my favorite type of tea (that he dislikes, by the way), and borrowing a kettle. How adorable is that?

He asks how he can tweak his facial hair to my liking. He cares so much about what I think about his friends. He got so frustrated when we couldn’t have his room. He wanted to wait in the same line at the cafeteria instead of just putting our stuff down and splitting up. He gave me his favorite pull-over and scarf. He really wants to spend time with me. He gives me eskimo kisses. His favorite make out move is when I brush his face, which is the most sweet and innocent thing I can imagine. He holds my hand. He cuddles with me while we dance. He kisses me on the forehead. He worries about impressing me. He confessed that he agonized for 3 weeks about sending me the right texts and snapchats.

“I’m sure you could convince me to do anything.”

He chose me over his friends. He walked to the dance alone to meet me when his friends were being slow. He walked to the sports house party alone to meet me when his friends wanted to go somewhere else.

He introduces me as ‘my girlfriend’ to all of his friends so eagerly. And they all already know about me, or have heard ‘so much’ about me, and they always having this knowing smile.

Is all this normal boyfriend stuff? Or am I just insanely lucky?


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