I was outside, near a fence. I Saw JlKm, with her friends, but spectacularly ugly. We ended up walking together up towards JKm’s house – I was wearing my tribal print dress, and she was wearing heels, and I have this image of my strides overtaking her stunted ones.

We walk into the house, and JW, JKm’s best friend, is there, and he’s been drinking. “You’re wasted,” I say. Then I revise, after looking at the only slightly red glow of his face: “No, you’re just drunk.”

We walk down a hallway and into a room, where we talk about I completely forget what. He shows me pictures on his phone with his arm around me. I’m not sure if this is ok, but I let it happen. After a bit, he starts to spoon me, and I know this is not ok, although it feels so good. “Would JKm be ok with this?” I say. I get out.

Later: The party’s over, and I help clean up. Taking something off the ceiling. I feel like JKm wasn’t ecstatic, though for what reason I cannot remember.


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