On the Objectivity of Music

Very unformed thoughts, but wanted to write them down. Reading Dialogue 2: Grooving on Participation, with Charles Keil and Steven F. Keil brings up Tiv: I found out that Tiv just weren’t interested in the emotional, metaphorical stuff. They were only interested in the techniques behind really god songs. When I’d ask whether a songContinue reading “On the Objectivity of Music”

Doubts about JKm

Valentine’s Day dinner was…uneventful. We sat, we ate. The thing that worries me is that I’ve realized I have trouble finding things to talk about with JKm. Not that we have nothing in common, but we don’t seem to talk about the same things. We don’t think the same way. He avoids any and allContinue reading “Doubts about JKm”

I Eeked Out A Portrait of ES

I probably haven’t mentioned ES on here at all, because she’s a bit removed from the rest of the people I know here, although she’s still among my four closest friends. I hung out with her tonight, and I think I can finally start to say I am beginning to wrap my head around her.Continue reading “I Eeked Out A Portrait of ES”

I Literally Just Wrote Out A Plan for WH

Go to gym, see if I still want to be friends with him. If yes, Dinner: You hurt me by being on and off friends with me randomly and without warning all last semester, and especially the beginning of this semester. I stopped feeling welcome/good/happy around you because you always shot me down and avoidedContinue reading “I Literally Just Wrote Out A Plan for WH”

The Lowdown on WH

WH acknowledged, at the last minute before going separate ways for the night, and in one apologetic sentence, that he’s been pulling away. I acknowledged that I had noticed. And then I went inside, shutting off discussion. My thoughts on this: We got very close, very quickly at the beginning of last semester. Feelings gotContinue reading “The Lowdown on WH”

Notes From The Plane Ride Here

1/24/16, 3:08am, notes from iPhone It’s raining in my hometown, the one city where it never rains. I know this from inside the plane, as water streams frantically, pressed against the side of the plane, and I catch just the 10 – inch section of the river through my window. Sharp lines against texture. IContinue reading “Notes From The Plane Ride Here”