Doubts about JKm

Valentine’s Day dinner was…uneventful. We sat, we ate.

The thing that worries me is that I’ve realized I have trouble finding things to talk about with JKm. Not that we have nothing in common, but we don’t seem to talk about the same things. We don’t think the same way.

He avoids any and all confrontation – friendly debates don’t happen. He’s hesitant to give his opinion if it’s any different from mine. And when I push him, he just nods and accepts it – no push back, no counterargument, just a deliberate passive ending of the discussion. All our conversation revolves around little cutesy inside jokes involving our physical relationship, and our physical relationship itself.

He also seemingly has no inner reflection or issues.I’ve realized strong relationships grow out of vulnerability, and hardship is required for vulnerability to happen. He’s not hiding anything from me; he’s completely open, but there’s just nothing for him to entrust me with.

I can’t end things – he’s an amazing person, I truly care for him and him for me. But I want so badly for things to go to a deeper level.


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