Random Thoughts during Ethno

Because there’s nothing like a discussion about a topic you’re interested in to get your mind wandering to completely unrelated thoughts.

  • Pain is necessary for people to feel empathy. Empathy cannot exist without the empathizer knowing the feeling. Empathy cannot exist if there is nothing to empathize with. Thus, pain is necessary for people to feel empathy.
  • Science classes do not train students to think creatively, which is key for an actual scientist. Thus, successful scientists must have been socialized to be creative when young.
  • I can believe in religion because it is able to be so scientifically explained, when I feel that religion – the feeling, god – should not be able to be scientifically explained and analyzed. The analyzing of something sacred bothers me.
  • Pop/hip hop references into classical Western forms basically to fuck with the old white idea that they are superior and other music is ‘less sophisticated’.
  • We should, instead of organizing iTunes by genres, organize by musical influences. Genres nowadays are too niche, too specific to be of use.

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