When JKm Knows Me

WH shook things up this morning (again – details later), and I decided to go to JKm for advice. I’d never before, mostly because he’s so non-confrontational I was skeptical he would give advice, and also because I didn’t think he’d want to know about my problems with WH.

And he surprised me by really being good. And the reason I’m writing this is that he surprised me by knowing me far more than I’d thought. More than I’d purposely let on – things I know to be true.

I act with my head, he said, while WH acts through his emotions. Himself acted through a mix of both. I was so direct, he said, and maybe that was why I failed to understand WH’s secrecy and reclusiveness.

But what struck me is that he saw that I was a thinker, not a feeler. I think that’s a quality of myself that I tend not to broadcast, and I compensate by acting very much in a different direction. How did he see past that? How did he know?

He’s much more observant than I thought.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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