Songs and Feeling Wisps

I go through intense phases of song obsessions, which is absolutely obnoxious for every around me, but has the interesting side effect of generating intense feelings of certain memories or vibes from the period in my life in which I was obsessed.

I thought it’d be interesting to chronicle.

Bitter Water, by the Oh Hellos: beginning of first semester of college, JKm mostly

Take Me There, by Pentatonix: beginning of freshman year of college

Hold Each Other, by A Great Big World: AYl, mostly.

Big Black Car: Again, AYl.

Growing Up, Macklemore: AYl, summer before freshman year, driving in a car alone

I’ll Live: AYl, summer before freshman year

Post to Be, Omarion: SS and CI, tequila and almond milk, clubs

Four Five Seconds, Rihanna: Driving in a car to chamber music festival, sun in the Black Honda

The Sifters, by Andrew Bird: somewhat reflective, end of senior year in high school, waiting for my life back home to end

Honey, I’m Good, Train: Deciding between colleges – you know the last two


Rolling in the Deep, by Adele: traveling to Paris

It Girl, Jason Derulo: middle school – oh god.

Here In Yours Arms, Hellogoodbye: KS



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