Confronted JKm

After doing MDMA yesterday (oh yeah, I did MDMA) and having a total blast, I crashed in JKm’s room.

And I’m happy to say that I brought up an open conversation about wanting to challenge each other more and have him feel comfortable confronting me with differences in beliefs and opinions.

It was honestly exactly what I knew, too – it’s just his personality. He didn’t see the point in fighting over the little things. But I pushed him – they weren’t fights, but debates; these things were necessary in order to for our relationship to grow. I see where he was coming from. When something came up that he disagreed with, he is able to abstain from judging while also not questioning further. Thus, avoidance. But I don’t want that – I want him to ask, to understand, to duke it out with me and maybe come to disagree in the end, but at least with a greater appreciation and understanding for each other.

I think I got that across. I think he’ll try in the future.

And already, I feel closer to him. We pimple-bumped. We sang Jesse McCartney together. He licked my face in a completely disgusting way. I’m happy, I think.


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