Music Kicks

Been having a bit of a funk in regards to my interests lately, especially my musical taste.

I’m just bored of what I’ve always listened to.

It was pop, then then classical, then jazz, then bluegrass. And that was good enough for so long.

But lately, it went

African Mbira music

Tinariwen (African/rock hybrid?)

Thelonious Monk (weird jazz?)

Bo Diddley

Kanye West (The Life of Pablo – what else?)

Sylvan Esso (indie electro?)

And then a pop phase:

Jessie Ware

Some sad punk girl

Ibeyi (Cuban punk?)

Beyonce (queen)

The Paper Kites, Luke Dick (indie pop folk)

And then I discovered BOBBY MCFERRIN and promptly downloaded all of his albums

Jesse fuckin’ McCartney (Just So You Knoooooooooowww)

Dave Brubeck (all the time signatures)

And I’m still so lost – nothing’s sticking.

Along the same lines, in a very fuck-it sort of way, I bleached the shit out of my hair and dyed it purple.


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