On Weed

So now that I’ve smoked and gotten ridiculously high, I have a better grasp on why people smoke weed. It’s not that it’s fun, though it can be, but it’s just interesting. It’s an altered state of mind, and I’m coming to the conclusion that there’s noting wrong with enjoying an altered state of mind, whether that be through drugs or riding a bike.

What I don’t quite understand is how marijuana, or alcohol, etc., became such a ubiquitous pastime. We form communities around common interests – why is marijuana so different from running, or knitting, or music? How did it gain such a cult following? Such a social stigma? Such a comprehensive social culture?

Maybe because it so intimately affects your mind, your thoughts. But even so, I feel that’s so temporary. I smoked. When I come down, it’s behind me. It the same as if I’d gone for a run, and now I’m not.

Side note: someone mentioned something that was really fascinating the other day – there’s a very minute time gap between the happenings of reality and an individual’s perception of those happenings. There was apparently a guy who’s goal was to test the limits of that gap through drugs. Super interesting stuff.


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